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I’m laying on the couch here at home, watching the Chicago Blackhawks play the Detroit Sucks. I mean, Redwings. It’s killing me how I can’t be close to any of the games. To be in a state where they know what hockey is and actually support the game! Not this hop on the bandwagon stuff. That always frustrates me. Kills me even more when I, a woman, have to explain the game to my guy friends who claim to be “sports fans”.

My husband and I went out to get dinner this evening. What I managed to keep down was good. We went to this awesome place that we found shortly after moving here. It’s this little Mexican restaurant known as Filiberto’s. Honest to God, the best food I’ve ever had. I’m a picky eater when it comes to food (which is quite comical because I’m a little pudgy in the midsection). I don’t have much for options for food that agrees with me, so when I found this place and realized I could eat it, it was a total keeper.

I’m not very exciting in my food choices there. Orange Fanta and a cheese enchilada. Though, for some reason, when I was eating it I started craving onions in it. Maybe I’ll ask for that next time. My husband got what can only be described as a gigantic cow wrapped in a fried tortilla. Seriously, this thing had to weigh ten pounds. He ate about three-quarters of it. He’s thin. I shall forever taunt him for it.

You know, I’d be thin if I would just get off my ass. I bet you find that shocking! That’s the hard part. Sure, you can laugh at the thought of it, but in all honesty with my health the way it is and how it has deteriorated me, getting around is a lot harder than some actually realize. I don’t know how to explain it other than I feel like I have a body that has been kicked, beaten, broken, drove over by a truck, set on fire, and then just kind of left to heal, but it isn’t healing. Even better, the random fainting because I desperately need a blood transfusion is a total deal breaker when you want to do anything. Like go grocery shopping. People love it when you faint while paying for your groceries. It’s like you’ve become the newest exhibit at the museum. Everyone stops and stares but do they help? NO.

So, who wants to get some ice cream? ME! ME! ME!
Why not? Blackhawks lost. Again.