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Hummingbird - Desert Botanical Gardens outside Phoenix, AZ

Hummingbird – Desert Botanical Gardens outside Phoenix, AZ

This photo was taken on a trip when my sister-in-law, her husband, and their triplets all came to visit us here in AZ. It was a blast. My sis-in-law loves to go exploring, and so we ended up at the Desert Botanical Gardens, which were the most beautiful exhibits of flora and fauna of desert life I had ever experienced. It was a nice introduction for me, especially since I was new to the whole desert scene.

I can’t take credit for the photo. My sister-in-law took it. She is a remarkable photographer when it comes to this kind of thing. I spotted the hummingbird! We were like two school girls laughing and watching in awe as he zoomed and hovered literally within inches of us. It was beautiful.

I am eternally grateful to have had a chance to go to the gardens. Had it not been for them visiting us, I doubt I would have ever gone and seen just how beautiful it really was. Amazing day filled with so much exploring and family fun!