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I’m sitting here at home watching Doctor Who. You guys have no idea how much I really do love this show. The Amy and Rory companions were my favorite. The love Rory had for Amy was just overwhelming.

But, this isn’t about the show. No, this is far less interesting. I’m sitting here with Clara and Duff, snuggling. My husband is in bed, sleeping because he has work tonight. This is my life.

Earlier today I was playing on my Xbox360 (GOW:Judgement). I just picked it up because I finally had the extra money to get it. I beat it on Hardcore in less than 8 hours. Slightly annoyed by the design of this game. The stars rating system is even more annoying. I guess the frustration is partly having waited so long to get this game (I’m a huge fan of the GOW series), and the other part is that I beat it so easily. And before you ask, I am going back through to get complete COG tags and whatnot. It just left me unhinged. And then to not end! I nearly punched a wall. I put up with listening to Baird and his annoying bastard voice (Sorry, Team Phoenix here ALL the way), and there was NO payoff. Well, uness you look at it as there will be another game. They just can’t leave you hanging like that at the end of a game. I thought the last boss was an easy kill. Shit, this was purely juvenile in comparison.

I know. I know. Blah, blah, blah, boring chick talking about her video games.

I cooked myself a ribeye steak today. Seasoned it, sliced up some yummy fresh garlic, and cooked it till I liked it. It turned out great. So, that will feed me lunch and dinner for two days. Unless I share with Duff and Clara. Then it’ll feed me lunch and dinner today, and that’s it.

Well, as for blogs, today is a rather boring one, I’m afraid. My life isn’t all the frills and excitement others pretend theirs to be. Within a few weeks my mom will be out here to visit. Hopefully I’ll be able to move better by then. We’ll see. Maybe I’ll get to see a doctor while she’s here, too. Keep your fingers crossed.