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Well, I went and did it. I pushed myself a little too far. Now I am paying for it. Yesterday was full of shopping for groceries. That kicked my butt. Today I decided I was going to cook a special lunch for my husband and I, along with making food to be frozen for my sugar gliders. It was just all too much for my body (and immune system) to handle. I was on my feet for over 8 hours (total in the past two days). I really hurt.

Good news, though! Lunch was a total success! Want to see?

My twist on a stuffed pepper - Philly Cheesesteak style!

My twist on a stuffed pepper – Philly Cheesesteak style!

I have been wanting to make this type of stuffed pepper for a while now. I love (REAL – as in FROM Pennsyltucky, not some transplant or mock / pretend / faux) Philly Cheesesteaks. My husband is from outside Philly, and whenever we go back to the area to visit his friends, we always go to two places. First, always being The Kopper Kettle, and the second is Trevose Pizza so I can get my fix on both the pizza and their cheesesteaks. Because I bring a cooler and we always bring home like twenty cheesesteaks.

Anyway, seeing as I live nowhere near Philly and am stuck in AZ, I have taken up the gauntlet to try to recreate what I love about Philly cheesesteaks, here a home. Now, I have a problem with bread, so that’s why I chose to do this in the stuffed pepper style. It was a good choice. The ribeye we got was perfect. The peppers were awesome. The onion I used was just fantastic. And the cheese. The cheese was epic. I’m drooling just thinking about it.

My husband was impressed with what I served him for lunch. Granted, he is my husband and would like pretty much anything I served him. But, I am a great cook and have rarely come up with a bad dish. Trust me, I have had a couple misses on my cooking. He’s let me know. This was a total hit. He asked me, when he was finished, if I could make it again. That it reminded him of the real deal. That made me feel good. But, he did say, he would prefer it on a bread roll than in a pepper. Don’t blame him. That’s one thing Philly has over me. They get the good rolls.