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Daily Promt time!

If you could get all the nutrition you needed in a day with a pill — no worrying about what to eat, no food preparation — would you do it?

This one is a thinker!

1. The process of nourishing or being nourished, especially the process by which a living organism assimilates food and uses it for growth and for replacement of tissues.
2. The science or study that deals with food and nourishment, especially in humans.
3. A source of nourishment; food.


In all honesty, yes. I wold most definitely take a pill if that meant I could get all my nutrition that my body needs in one day. I know what you’re probably thinking. “This chick thinks she is / is fat, and wants to use this to diet.” No. Regardless of how chubby I am, stop reminding me! Now, where was I?

Just think about it for a second here. It could eliminate the psychological need some have for eating in excess which leads to obesity and other health issues. It could work on the other end of the spectrum. Think of all the people in the world who could benefit from the nutrition that could be supplemented to them where once they starved.

It could help people, like me, who are sick and have a hard time getting nutrition daily. If a full day of nutrition was given in a pill to a person off ill health, they have a better chance of rebounding and recovering. To me, the positive help that this could do for so many people in need just makes sense.

It doesn’t say that you have to take this every day. Personally, I like to cook and create in the kitchen. So, when I felt like being creative, I don’t have to take the pill. It seems fairly simple to me. I just see this whole thing being over analyzed. Maybe I see things just very cut and dry.

What lacks from this is the satiability question. Am I going to feel satiated for certain cravings should they arise? I can’t see that this pill is going to be the answer to that kind of question, but that’s why companies like Coke and Hershey will never falter. People are flawed. Yes, we might be full, but that doesn’t mean we wont want to cram just one more potato chip, bite of that candy bar, or taste of ice cream. We’re inherently junk food junkies. It’s in our face all the time.

Yes, I would love to get all my nutrition, all the vitamins and minerals for the day, in a single pill. I think it would benefit me. I think it would be a great step forward in what is a difficult life of health for me. It would benefit the healing process and in turn start an upwards climb for me. It would benefit so many people, other than myself. In the end, I think bettering society for all is the step forward we need to take.