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Yesterday ended up ending on a fairly decent note for me. Aside from feeling like hell and looking at my house in utter disdain for the cleaning I need to do to prepare for the visit of my mom, I opted to hop in the shower to help pick up my spirits. Really, who doesn’t feel better after washing off the gunk off the day and singing off-key to their favorite songs? I do.

After I was clean, dry, and (thankfully to the eyes of the world around me) dressed, I gathered up the scarf I knitted and a bottle of LUSH Twilight shower gel. I was going to go pay my neighbor, Lynn Ann, a visit.

See, I’m really, really socially awkward. I talk to her husband, Chris, but never really had a chance to talk to her. She just had a baby and I am such a baby-phobe. Me and kids are like water and oil. We can exist in the same area, but don’t really mix well.

Well, I waddled on down the two doors they live from me and rang the doorbell. Lynn answered the door and I bumbled and laughed my nervous way through a “Here, I made you this!” type of greeting, and apologized for being such a socially opaque neanderthal. I got a hug and invited in.

It made me feel really good to see her light up at the scarf. She really liked it. I picked purple as the color to make it out of, and she loves purple. That was a total bonus! She also really liked the body wash I gave her from LUSH.

She gave me a tour of the house, and showed me her soap room where she actually makes her own, handmade bars. It smelled like I walked into a candy shoppe in some fairy dusted dream world. I loved it. She gave me some of her soap. We then sat and talked for about two hours about everything under the sun. I really enjoyed myself.

It was really nice getting to know Lynn Ann. She’s really funny and sweet. Plus, it’s nice to have a friend nearby. I really don’t have anyone out here. I have my husband and my dogs, but other than that, I don’t have anyone here. I blame my social anxieties, partly. Laziness is the rest of my problem.