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Another go at the Weekly Photo Challenge! YAY!
Today’s theme is Fleeting.

Me head banging to some metal music in a club.

Me head banging to some metal music in a club.

What was captured is something silly, but beautiful. I love listening to music – all kinds – but metal is by far my favorite genre. Head banging is a thing I like to do because I have the hair to do it with. I love the way hair looks when it’s being swooshed around in the process. Well, as I was enjoying my turn in the club, a picture was snapped and I just love the random falling and twisting of my hair. It looks so beautiful, so chaotic, and so natural all in one.

I guess it’s because my hair is important to me. I take great care of it. I’ve grown it out, lost chunks of it due to health, and grew it back. It’s been dyed, cut, curled, and straightened. It is my pride no matter what it, and I, have gone through. It is my banner I carry through thick and thin.

And for one fleeting moment, it glimmers with hope for a better tomorrow. Not just for me, but for all.