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Our favorite movie ghost, Slimer, from Ghostbusters.

Our favorite movie ghost, Slimer, from Ghostbusters.

Well, good news! My mom, aunt, and uncle made it here safe and sound this afternoon. I am so glad they are here. It’s nice to have them here. I have people to converse with. Not that I don’t like having conversations with all you fine Internet friends. I do! I just enjoy the company of face-to-face companionship on occasion.

Especially when it is family.

Though, I do miss my Daddy. What can I say? I’m his little princess. But, hopefully mom and I have fun whilst she is here. I can be a pain in the ass to get along with. I am going to try my best not to get on her nerves or to be a bitch. Cross my heart.

She showed me this cool application she has for her Kindle Fire. It’s called Ghost Radar. Check it out (link provided). It is so interesting!

I believe in ghosts / spirits / apparitions. I’ve had several encounters. This just kind of verifies the weird, and sometimes bizarre, occurrences I have encountered. Besides, it’s just really damn cool to play with. Take it or what you want. I’m not saying you need to believe in anything you don’t want to. It just makes this kind of stuff more interesting and that much more fun (for me at the very least).

It has been an extremely long and tiresome day. I should be in bed sleeping. Yet, I can’t seem to fall asleep. As per usual, I’m wide awake. My legs wont stop twitching and my body aches in pain. I may read in bed with the Kindle. Or just play with the Ghost Radar a little longer.

Does anyone out there believe in the paranormal?

I think it may be time that I start blogging about some of my experiences.