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So, I wrote a blog last night titled, ‘One before bed…”, which touched a little on this Kindle Fire application known as Ghost Radar Legacy. It’s an interesting little program that you can download (also available for phone use) to aid in researching of the paranormal.

It’s basic functions allow the program to utilize the device it is downloaded to in such a way that it attempts to detect activity using sensors within (the device which it is installed) by unique electromagnetic field patterns that the activity has made. What it also does, along with the EMF patterns, is translate any vocalizations that are present from any lingering intelligent entities.

Let me tell you something. This application has only further affirmed to me what I already knew from experience (prior to this Kindle application aid), and belief systems.

Since I was very young I have had random, unexplainable rendezvous with the deceased. It has been something that is out of my control. I am what people consider a sensitive or medium. I am aware of my skills but I don’t fully understand them, nor do I know how to turn them on or off like some people. My experiences are not controlled by meditation or preparation. They just happen when and how they want. It has been an extremely onerous type of life for me because of this gift at times.

It’s not always easy being the person who has to deliver the final messages of the departed to their loved ones. Especially when they are still grieving. Think about how painful and arduous this was for me when I was just seven years of age. It wasn’t easy then, and it hasn’t been any easier the older I became.

Now, I’m sure you’re asking, “Shanna, how can you say that this simple download verifies your belief in the existence of the paranormal?”

Well, I’m so glad you asked! (You guys are just the best with your super clever question! Makes me feel like you’re actually paying attention this whole time! Yay! Kisses for everyone!)

My mom purchased this application about two weeks ago. She got it because Jason of T.A.P.S. – or better known as Syfy’s Ghost Hunters – uses a same application (his is just a little more advanced and has more features). So, she purchased her application and began using it at her home in IL.

She had little activity. I don’t want to say success because we’re not sure how active our home in IL actually is since I moved to AZ. She claims some activity, but she doesn’t notice it like I do. So, that was another reason why she purchased this application. She was also hoping to possibly be in contact with some deceased family and friends with the aid of it as well.

Last night when she showed me the Kindle, the application was doing a whole lot of nothing. She had allowed it to sit and acclimate to the surroundings for about ten minutes before introducing it to me. That’s when the fun started.

As soon as the Kindle was in my hands, the radar stated picking up EMF readings all over the house. It was amazing. There were nearly a dozen different hits within  five minutes, ranging in colors from red (being the strongest EMF reading), to yellow, and to blue (the weakest reading). Vocalizations started coming through the program. It was astonishing! My mom and I just stared at the Kindle and then at each other in total shock.

All I could utter out was, “I told you there was something weird about me that attracts them to me.”

It’s true. I attract the paranormal. What’s even cooler about this whole Kindle deal is that around 6AM I gave the application another try. Just to see if it was going to pick anything else up.

So, I tuned it up. Let it set up for ten minutes and then asked if there was anyone who wanted to talk. I got a response. It gave me the shivers. Whomever responded knew my husband and I.

What I got was a string of phrases that went as follows:


It may not seem very significant to any of you. To me, it means a whole lot. I’m married (1st / original marriage). My husband is from Pennsylvania. I’m from near Chicago.

How cool is that?!?

Mind. BLOWN!