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Just the other day I finished sewing my own apron. I’m really proud of myself. I haven’t sewn anything complex in several years, so I was a little nervous when I began this project.

When we moved out here to Arizona, my mom gave me my Grandmother’s old Singer sewing machine. Trust me, when I say old, I really mean old. Thankfully it was well taken care of. For a machine that’s roughly 80 years old, it’s pretty kick ass. I’m so glad I have it.

Well, I had found this kit to make an apron. I forget where I found it, but I was holding on to it for what seems like a year. I don’t know why I didn’t sew it right away, but I’m weird like that. I get excited about something, and then just lose interest and forget about it. Obviously, this happened with the apron kit.

My mom and aunt took me out to JoAnn Fabrics for some sewing materials I needed. In the process I picked up some cute material to make custom leashes for my dogs. Stuff to keep me busy. Even more skeins of yarn for me to knit more scarfs. As soon as I got home, I started on my apron. It took me about four days to complete. It would generally take a normal person a day, but with my issues, I had to keep stopping.

I’m really proud of myself. It may seem like no big deal to some, but to me it was a great accomplishment. I even added rhinestone accents to the apron to make it cuter and more my style.

Here it is. My apron!

The apron I made!

The apron I made!