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Last night I was sewing. Making some test products. So, I was sitting kind of hunched over at my sewing machine. Not the greatest thing to do with my extremely screwed up back. I have a slipped disc that is causing me extreme and intense pain in my lower back. I have nothing to take for it. I have nowhere to go to seek help for it.

I’m fucked.

I’m holding back tears and biting my lip as I force ice pack after ice pack under me. I’m hoping to numb the pain, but really that isn’t going to happen. I’ve got a practically numb leg because of this. Love my life.

In good news, I’ve started my Etsy shop to start selling my dog leashes. Bad news is, because I’m in pain I hardly have any leashes. I feel like a walking failure. I take one step forward, and then a giant leap backwards.

I get it. The universe wants me to fail. Thank you, universe. I’m not meant to be “normal”. Thank you!