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Alright, I’m sure everyone has seen the previews for the new movie Elysium. If not, well, then you obviously live in a very closed in little world with little television or something. You can’t be helped.

Anyway, this new movie has sparked some controversy in my little brain. I’m sure some of you could care little for why, but to me this is quite the conundrum. See, the synopsis behind Elysium is that the Earth is dying (it’s always dying in the future, but that’s not the issue). There’s this wonderful place, Elysium, where the fortunate are taken to live and survive in a luxurious type of lifestyle that most rich assholes are accustomed to. Now, this is where I find issue.

Now, to understand this, you would have seen the movie Pandorum. In this movie, Earth prepares for its emanate doom, and builds a ship to escape the death and destruction of what is happening on Earth (and to also seek out a new Earth, which ends up being Tanis). One failed attempt caused by a sickness called “pandorum” guides this film aboard the new ship, ELYSIUM. This ship, referred to as the “Noah’s Ark” of vessels (because it houses all forms of life from Earth to supply Tanis for integration), and ends up crashing into an ocean on Tanis for however many (hundred) years. Point being, the ship Elysium, is the craft that takes everyone to the destination.

Now, are these two movies tied together? I have yet to find anything that says they are (or aren’t – directly), and that is frustrating. To the point of driving me nuts. I have OCD. HELP ME!