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Maybe I’m being a little touchy because I’m a fucking miserable excuse of a person recently. Maybe it’s the pain I’m in. I don’t know how else to explain my intolerance for my mom not understanding my inabilities to function as a member of society, but I literally had to bite my tongue talking to her on the phone the other day.

I’ve been fairly immobile. Getting up and down the stairs in our house is a fucking nightmare. There are mornings that I sit on my ass and scoot down the steps one by one because I can’t physically use my legs to step down. Mom knows this. She knows how badly in pain my back is and how I’m suffering. She knows I can’t just go see a doctor. She knows this!

Yet she couldn’t understand why I haven’t been back to the dental school to have my second consultation. If a brain implosion could be heard, mine would have probably sounded like Warsaw during WWII. My mom is never this forgetful. Blew my mind.

Frustration. Well, tomorrow I’m going to call and schedule an appointment. Guess if I have to cancel because I can’t move, then no big deal.

Well, to make life better, here is a picture of my dog and a sick me.