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Alright, some crazy shit just happened in my house today. I’m not one to just assume that unexplainable things are ghosts or paranormal. I’m an open minded individual. I don’t get freaked out about weird noises, unexplained feelings of being touched, or the occasional movement / disappearance and reappearance of items in the house.

True story, my husband had set a pack of cigarettes (with a lighter tucked in the pack) of his on our kitchen island. It was just him and I in the house. We live with just animals, and there were no visitors to our home. Anyway, we were going to head out to go shopping. I was standing in the kitchen, after he set the pack down (I watched him set it down and him walk away). He ran upstairs to change his shirt and grab his shoes. I walked to the couch to sit down and put my shoes on. My husband came back down the stairs, to the kitchen island and asks me, “Did you grab my cigs?”

I turn to look at him and answer, “No. They’re on the island.”

“No… they’re not. Umm….”

We looked everywhere. We don’t have a lot in this house. So, searching was easy. I even went outside to the truck and completely cleaned it, looking for the missing pack. Nothing.

Three months passed. That pack of cigarettes (with the lighter) show up in the back seat of the truck. Can you say crazy? We can’t explain this. The truck was cleaned… and stayed cleaned. Frank only puts groceries in the back seat. So… How?

The cigs weren’t the only thing to have gone missing and then reappear randomly somewhere else. I’ve had clothes go missing, makeup, makeup brushes, and even my phone. Sure, you may guess it was my dogs, but they’re small, short, terriers. They wouldn’t be able to reach the places where these items all were.

Which leads me to today. I was in the front room, cutting fabric. I looked up towards the front window, because my Westie, Clara, was staring at it, growling. When I looked up, I swear I saw someone standing on the porch, leaning on the porch column. When I blinked, he was gone. No biggie. Could have just been a mistaken shadow.

Then tonight, when I let the dogs back inside from going potty, I was walking back into the kitchen when I (and the dogs – it scared them) heard this loud banging and thrashing coming from the bedroom just above me. Slightly startled, but willing to investigate, I run up the stairs and start looking around.

I made it into the bedroom. Nothing is disturbed. So, I head into the private bathroom for that room. At first, I didn’t notice anything, but then I saw the blinds had been yanked off the window frame. And I mean really pulled on to get off. They were laying in this crazy ass twisted mess in the bathtub. Of all the trinkets and things around the tub, only one figurine was knocked over, and thankfully not broken. I looked everywhere for any sign of disturbance other than my husband and I. Nothing. We don’t use that bedroom much, unless I can’t sleep. But, we rarely ever use that bathroom. It’s insane. Probably about as insane as the running I hear occasionally in the loft, when husband is sleeping, and dogs are with me. Explain that shit!

So, slightly disturbed, but not scared, I sit here and watch dumb television shows to keep my mind at peace.

I wonder if I’ll have any contact with a spirit. Would be interesting!