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Great news everybody! Found out that I was not accepted to my husband’s health insurance. He has health insurance now, but I was given the middle finger. Thankfully with the option of the Affordable Care Act, I can apply and wait even longer for answers because the GOP wont pull their heads out of their ever-loving tea bagging taints long enough to see that the common man & woman isn’t rich, can’t afford fancy houses, or insane payments to health coverage.

Last night, my husband and I were almost crushed by an imbecile in a big truck, who was speeding, and talking on his cell phone.

Yes, this genetically fucked retard who would have served his time better as an abortion, who thought he could handle his F350 one handed, making a turn at 30 MPH faster than the truck can handle, while talking on the cell phone; missed slamming into our truck by inches.

How on earth this guy missed us and didn’t destroy our truck, his, and our lives in one swift stroke of pure genius, is a sheer mind fuck right now. The part that scared me, was I was sitting in the passenger seat of our truck, watching the scene unfold. I tensed up every muscle in my body as the driving dumbass slammed on his breaks, slid for about 10 feet while turning, and headed directly at us. At the last possible second, he jerked his truck away from ours, and just waves. This wasn’t a “I’m sorry I gave you herpes” wave. This was an angry, “you’re lucky!” wave. As if it was our fault that we were sitting at a stop sign, and this fucktard was the supreme overlord of driving.

Suffice to say, I can’t move very well. I didn’t sleep at all. My back is fucked. I laid on a heating pad for a couple hours, trying to fall asleep. Decided around 8 AM that laying in bed and not sleeping was not a productive way to live, so I got up and tried my best to get out of bed on my own. 20 minutes later, I’ve finally made it downstairs for coffee. I’m stuck on the couch, pretty much unable to move. That guy earned his douchebag credits.