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I have a Westie (West Highland White Terrier) female, Claraugh. She goes by Clarabell, Ninno, Ninz, and various other monikers. She is my baby. You know how parents feel about their skin-kids? Well, I’m probably more protective of my fur-kids. So, understand that though I do not have skin-kids, my love for my fur-kids is the same emotional attachment and dedication.

My husband went to work last night, leaving around 11 PM. About twenty minutes later, I got both Clara and her big brother (a Scottish Terrier), Duff, upstairs and into bed. I snuggled in with them, played a couple Sudoku puzzles, and shortly after, drifted off into sleep.

At 2 AM I was rocketed out of sleep by Clara. She had decided to sleep on the pillow that rests above my own, which allows her ample room to stretch out. Anyway, at 2 AM I’m woken up to the yelping of Clara, as if she were in intense pain. Like she was being attacked by someone or something. I quickly turned on the lamp on my nightstand, and turned to her to see what was wrong. She’s still yelping, and trying to get away from the area she was in, while holding up her front left paw. I immediately looked her over, trying to see if there was some visual injury (like a bite or something, especially blood).

I found no trace of blood or even a sensitive spot to indicate injury. So, I then grabbed the flashlight we have by the bed and immediately started searching for any type of insect, spider, or scorpion (I live in Arizona, and finding something bizarre like a scorpion would be expected). I found nothing. I’m panicked, scared, wide awake, and just shaking with fear. But, I decided to evacuate the room with both my babies and let them outside.

Duff went potty, but Clara just sat, tail tucked, on the porch. She was whimpering softly like she was still in some kind of distress or pain. One thing to understand is that Clara goes pee a million times a day, and night. She wakes me up or usually, just follows me downstairs when I wake up during the night because I can’t sleep, and will go outside to pee like she has been holding it in forever. Tonight was different.

She wouldn’t go out into the yard to pee, and when she walked, tail was tucked. She even did this weird deal where she would go to sit down, and circle backwards once or twice, and then sit. Get up, walk to a new spot and start the process over again. Needless to say, her and I did not sleep the rest of the night. I decided laying on the couch with her in the living room would be best, in case there was a potty emergency. I honestly thought she was possibly having tummy troubles.

Well, she was restless all night. She would lay on my feet, then my legs. She would lay there for several minutes, then get up and lay on my chest. Softly whimpering through the entire process. My husband had the truck, so I had no means to take her anywhere. We just waited it out till he got home.

When he got home, he noticed how Clara was behaving and said that we were going to take her to the vet. In the meantime, I got myself moving and dressed. My husband decided to do a sage burning to protect Clara, and dispel any malevolent or malicious energies from the house.

Once I came back downstairs, we put Clara’s collar on and headed out to the truck. She immediately went potty out front. Nothing seemed abnormal, and she seemed to be perking up and going back to her usual self. So, my husband decided to bring her back into the house to see if there was a difference in her disposition. She was happy, hyper, and playful as she usually is.

So, we let her back outside into the backyard. She began to run and play with Duff. Even had a normal B.M. Literally, she was completely fine. It was a night and day difference. I don’t know how to explain the change. She is completely normal.

It’s up to you what you choose to believe, but I honestly believe that there was something negative in the house that was trying to harm Clara, and possibly myself, my husband, and Duff. You would have had to see the events to understand the change she went through.

I’m just thankful she is back to normal. Now, that doesn’t mean I am refusing to have her checked out. If for one second she shows signs of further distress, or has refused to potty again, I am taking her straight to a vet. I’m just hoping that whatever occurred is gone and nothing further happens.