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Last night, Clara was exhausted. I don’t blame her, I was also spent. I gathered up some treats to lure the dogs up the stairs and the three of us headed to bed.

Once I had Duff and Clara in bed, treats savored, and my heating pad warming up for my back, I sought out my sage incense cones. After I set up a little ceramic bowl and ignited the cone, I crawled into bed and snuggled with my two babies.

Clara slept all through the night. She never woke me to go outside to potty. I expected her to try and get out of bed when I woke up at 2 AM with pain being the factor for me. She never budged. I finally went back to bed, and we slept straight on till 8 AM.

She was super energized and ready to run and play. She was completely different from yesterday. She ran around the yard, chasing lizards and birds. She ate her breakfast like a champ. It’s as if nothing ever happened yesterday.

I’m just thankful she is okay. I don’t know what I would do if anything happened to her.