I’m happy to say that my parents and two cousins made it safely here, last night. It’s so nice to have everyone together again!

I was so excited to have company, that I seriously busted my ass to clean, prepare goodies, and just make sure everyone was set up for their visit (meaning I made their beds up, prepared extra towels, and just other odds and ends). I pushed myself rather far, and my back is toast. I’m trying my best to not complain or show any signs of discomfort.

Today, after a lunch with everyone, we headed to Fry’s to buy groceries. Unfortunately, I got very disoriented and faintish while walking around. Thank God for my husband. He helped me to a place to sit down just as my sight was starting to black out. I’m so thankful. I don’t need to be taken to the hospital.


Despite that, once we got home, I helped teach my cousin, Tommy, how to make chili in a crockpot, from scratch. He’s excited. One, because he loves chili; and two, he now can utilize his mom’s crockpot and make chili for them. YAY!

Wishing you all the very best. Be well!