Just finished up blow drying my hair. I was really sore today and hopped in the shower to help with the pain that has engulfed me. Didn’t really help make the pain go away, but I smell delicious thanks to my LUSH treats in the shower caddy. Best. Soaps. Ever.

So, I know this is late, but I’ve finally found my way to Reddit. That place is just one fucked up mess of idiots. Some are funny. Some are really nice. But, majority of the people there are just fucking idiots. It actually hurts my brain to read the dumb that flows.

I’m not saying I’m better than anyone. Clearly, I’m not. But, it astounds me how shallow and incredibly stupid people really are. In this day in age we have an unending vast landscape of searchable information. Now, being smart, I know not everything out there is fact. Some of it is false. Some of it is opinion. But, for Christ’s sake, when you find conflicting information, you ask someone for help. That would make you less of a moron.

I’ve had the displeasure of meeting a dipwad that bought a parrot. In a week’s time, the parrot dies. Now, instead of responding to his parrot’s distress and taking him immediately to the veterinarian, the dipwad hops onto Reddit, instead, to ask what to do. Enter blank stare here. Now, not even 10 hours after the parrot (which he sobbed was his “best friend” and meant so much to him) dropped dead from neglect, the animal killer decides to go out an buy a sugar glider.

Now, normally I have no problem with idiots. But, when the idiots tread on waters that I offer to help in, and they blatantly ignore my advice, I turn into The Bitch. Yes. THE.

Before making his sugar glider purchase, he asks if it is absolutely necessary that he gets the glider a friend, because he and his room mate will be around all the time. The short answer I gave was no. I gave medically proven reasons why he couldn’t be successful with this attitude. He ignored me.

He then asks about making a nocturnal animal (which is what a sugar glider is – a nocturnal marsupial) not nocturnal anymore. Because it suits his life better. Again, the short answer was no. Followed up with information that would show that kind of change would affect the health of the creature.

Idiot ignores all the information I gave him. All the links on diets. Places to research. People to talk to.

And purchases a sugar glider. And not just from a reputable breeder. No, that would make sense! He goes through the biggest MILL BROKER (who sells MILL BRED sugar gliders) in the country. Idiot.

He didn’t research veterinarians. So, when 24 hours after having the glider, she is sick and showing signs of seizures, what does he do?

You guessed it. He asks Reddit what to do. Forget that a veterinarian would help, but rather, let’s ask the community on Reddit what to do. Of which, he was told to go to a vet.

He still hasn’t gone to a vet.

Today, he’s crying on Reddit because he’s a loser. His girlfriend left his ass, took their two other birds they had, and now he’s depressed and all alone. Never mentions that he has his sugar glider, still. Or that now he can properly bond with it. Nope. Cried about the bird he killed in one week’s time of ownership.

If I could reach through a computer to slap the shit out of someone, now would be the time I wish I could.