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I’ve been sitting here hoping sleep would welcome me into its arms. Not so much. Couple hours later, and well, here I am, writing in a boring blog that I can’t sleep.

Clara, my West Highland White Terrier, has been acting very unusual. No, I don’t mean that she’s sick or acting in pain. She’s just not her usual self.

I’m sitting on our loveseat sofa, wrapped in a blanket and watching Doctor Who, because that’s the only sensible thing on the television this time at night. She keeps going up to our regular sized couch and staring up at it like there is someone sitting on a certain spot. She keeps whining, like she wants whomever is there to pick her up. I can’t see anyone’s presence there, but I would be lying if I said I didn’t feel something was there. I feel slightly uncomfortable, but I can’t explain why.

I’m sure this sounds crazy. I’m sure it doesn’t make sense. I can’t explain how I’m feeling or why Clara is acting so oddly. I just know things are different in the atmosphere. She wont settle down, and I’m tired, so it’s all a bit frustrating.

I wish there was some simple way to validate what I, and by other extents, Clara sense or see when this stuff happens. I’m just burning some sage and trying to relax. Albeit, my stomach is doing flips, but what else would go right when I’m home alone?

On other realms of topics, I made a funny tonight, and no one so far has laughed at it. Sad face.
I am in a sugar glider community and someone commented on a thread about how no one seems to act like respectable adults and made a comment on why no one seems to have “grown-up moments”. I question why that was important. Response (after another member chimes in, commenting on how the first member refers to others as “dick cunted”) was, “I only wish you guys would say it right if your gonna use it! It’s DICK CUNTED GOB STOPPERS! Lmao ….I’ve seen several people say it incorrectly..if your gonna copy, copy right!”

Mind you, the wording along with the improper grammar use was beyond what my OCD could handle, but I decided to take another route before correcting grammar. So, I replied, “I would like to inform you, though, that the dick form you used is improper. You can cunt. You can be a cunt. You can even be cuntish or cunty. There is even times when I would accept the use of cunting (the act of deliberately going out of your way to be a cunt). There can be a room full of cunts. But cunted is something that just shouldn’t be dicked with.”

I seriously laughed at my own clever wording. No one else has, though. I guess I’m not that funny!

If Jesus said it, it must be true!

If Jesus said it, it must be true!