Sitting here, once again, lost in thoughts and pain. My body has decided to unleash hell upon me in the form of migraines, soreness, and a slipped disc in my back.

It didn’t help me any when Duff, my Scottish Terrier, got under foot and I tripped over him. I nearly broke my leg. I hit our coffee table and face planted on the doggy stairs that Clara uses to get up on the couch.

My parents are coming to visit. Should be here soon. I miss them.

I’m just trolling the internet reading some of the ignorance people display. It’s frustrating in some respects, especially when their ignorance directly affects others.

And that is why I am for late term abortions. Like, when a kid makes it to 20 years of age, and can’t figure out the difference between a penis and a dead cat. Terminate that waste of flesh!

-_- I need sleep.