Despite my best efforts, I was incapable of sleeping last night. I know my nerves had a lot to do with it. My parents made it home safely, and already are regretting leaving the warmth of the sun here in Arizona.

When I finally crawled out of bed this morning, I saw in the news that the talented Shirley Temple had passed away. That was sad to read. Another wonderful actor taken. Now I’m reading about Tom Brokaw who is battling cancer. It’s heartbreaking that in this time period, where we have made so many medical advancements, that we’re still losing battles to cancer.

I’m having mobility issues. My hips aren’t fully rotating when I walk. I can’t go up our stairs very well.

Which is certainly ok. I’m bra training my sugar glider, Bing. He’s 6 weeks OOP already. No such luck in finding him a home. Oh well! I just need more cages.