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I must admit, I’ve been trying to find health insurance for the past two years. Problems arose in purchase when I would be informed that any plans I would purchase would not be able to cover any of my pre-existing conditions for a year after the initial plan purchase.

Now, I’m sure some would agree that a year on a probation type restriction may not be as serious as I’m making it sound. What you’re not privy to is my health and the daily issues that have plagued me for over ten years. Over the last two years, I’ve been getting slowly worse. I’m in need of a blood transfusion and/or iron infusion, pain management, daily migraines, along with other bullshit. I have very little life left in me to continue fighting.

Since October 2013, I have diligently tried to sign myself up for health insurance through Healthcare.gov — the site that was created to handle the large rush of American citizens applying for coverage under the ACA.

Since October I have had nothing but issues. Error messages, site lag, crash of the site’s system, and so on. Granted, I was finally informed by Soc. Security that I was accepted by Medicare, and coverage would begin April 2014. I’m happy I have something, but the wait is killing me. Hence why I applied for coverage until April arrives. It took until


for everything to finally clear submission to where I could look at plans and apply for one.

Enrollment took all day. I had to keep trying to submit everything over and over.
Error messages ensued.
Calling the marketplace for the ACA was beyond frustrating.

I have talked to more people than I cared to, with which the majority had less understanding and experience with the internet than Abraham Lincoln.

I was told to DELETE all the information I had entered, and start over.

No, that’s not right. Don’t delete anything. Just resubmit.

No, you need to start all over. Make a new account, resubmit.

No, just recheck all the information entered, then resubmit.

No, I can’t help you. My screen has an error message. Call back later.

No, you need to delete just the application, and redo it all in CAPS LOCK.

No, the site crashed and is under maintenance. I’ve noted your record that you called again today and that you have a screen shot of your enrollment confirmation, but can’t log back into the site. Social Security is holding up the process and is reviewing your information. Even though you didn’t pay today on Feb. 15, your enrollment has been noted, and if you call back on Tuesday (Feb. 18), you can finish your enrollment with payment and coverage will begin on March 1. You wont be penalized.

Sadly, those “answers” provided to me weren’t the only insult I suffered. I was hung up on because the woman I was talking to didn’t know how to answer my fairly basic questions. Others would answer the help line, and put me immediately on hold, only to keep me waiting for several minutes and then they would hang up on me.
I really wish the above statements were fake. I wish I made this whole thing up and chalked it up to some old food I ate before bed that gave me a nightmare. I wish I could say it was all a figment of my imagination and a half of a bottle of rum.

I can’t say that. All I can say is the system is fucked. In time we’ll find out that there were people intentionally sabotaging things. There may not be a whole lot doing it, but I seriously feel that this enormous clusterfuck has to have better reasoning behind it than too many people accessing at once. I would have just rather been outright insulted and told I’m a waste of space on this planet than to endure the dumbassery I have been dealing with, intensely, the last couple days (specifically).

All I have to show for my work is a screen shot to prove my information was submitted and accepted. A minor success in a sea full of disappointment.