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I try in life to be a very good person. I don’t want chaos or unhappiness in my life or the lives of the people I love.

My brother is a huge part of my life. He is my little brother, my friend, and my baby. I would move mountains for him, if it was to ensure he would be safe from harm.

To know my brother is to understand that he is mentally disabled. He has a few issues that have rendered him useless, especially if he panics. Though he is 30 years of age, he is mentally a young child. I’m not saying this to insult, but to help you understand why I am the protective cunt that I am.

Today, he decided to post a public announcement on Facebook that he was in a relationship. Mind you, he has never met the woman, and has known her for a month, tops. This was amusing, so I started asking him for details.

She told him she is 38.
She has no kids.
She wants to kidnap him.
She is single.

Of those things,I find that not only is she a fucking liar, but she’s not anything of what she said she was. She got her G.E.D. in 1991. So, she’s at least 41, to be fair. She has a son who is likely 10 years old and a daughter who has her own kids, and I don’t think she has custody of the son. She is married; actually she has been married twice – one divorce, and working on the second one. And the very idea that she has convinced my brother that she is in a relationship with him is just absurd.

I don’t mean to come off as intolerant, but what the fuck does a 41 year-old married, mother of two have in common with a 30 year old mentally disabled man? And why so eager to be in a relationship with a man who has never met her, or her 25 other personalities? He doesn’t work. He requires daily care / assistance from others. He has an incredible fear of change. And they don’t even live in the same time zone, for Christ sake.

I’m sorry, but I don’t buy the crazy she is selling.

I love my brother. I have seen him used and abused by his “friends” over and over. I have had to save him from the false friends countless times. I’m not going to sit and watch it happen again!

I’m very upset with him, and very leery of the woman. She is just a pig of a human who drinks and brags about being high all the time. I’m not against getting high. That’s your choice. But to act like it is a big deal is just disappointing.

As for her telling him that she wants to kidnap him… Bitch better think twice. I will destroy her world.

Yes. I am overly concerned.
Yes. I’m sure nothing will happen.

Lord help her if something does.

Until then, here is her mug.