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I know I haven’t kept up with this blog as much as I had wanted to. Life isn’t that interesting for me, to be honest. When health inhibits the activities for a person, you really don’t experience much outside the comfort zone of the house.

Though, I have been given a great opportunity to get better somewhat. I’m in aqua therapy to help my back pain. So far it has been exhaustive. I didn’t think I was as poorly out of shape as I currently am, but I realize how absurd that really sounds. Either way, I’m remaining diligent on my routine to strengthen me at my core and hopefully radiate wellness throughout, over time.

I’ve been trying to remain as active as possible, incorporating my dogs into my betterment. I take one of them (rotating them) on a walk with me almost every night. I go in the evenings, around 6:30 PM or so because the heat here in Arizona is powerful. I don’t want to risk the safety of my dogs with the intense heat of the day. Too many things could happen — the asphalt could literally burn their paw pads, causing horrific pain. I refuse to put them in danger like some people do.

They have been doing quite well. As of February, I started feeding them both a raw diet. It has been a very interesting process.

Duff, my Scottish Terrier, who is abnormally large for his breed, was pudgy. He had a shape that resembled a basketball. Round. He also used to have an obscure and pungent aroma that bothered some people, like my mom. I never really noticed it, until it was no longer there. Because he was previously on kibble dog food, his body shed the waste out through fecal, oil glands, and sweat. Since getting him adjusted to being fed raw, there has been an huge improvement in his overall health. He actually has definition in his hips. His belly is no longer wide and bulging out. HE DOESN’T STINK!!

The overall condition of his coat is so much silkier than it was before. I know how hard it can be to understand how rough, wiry hair of a terrier could be anything but. I have the softest Scottie on the planet!

Now, Clara is a pink skin West Highland White Terrier. Because she is pink, she is prone to all kinds of allergies and other sensitivities. Since being on raw, she has had less allergy issues, which means she is significantly less itchy. She has not thrown up any food, either. When she was being fed kibble, she would barely eat, and when she did, she would vomit it all back up shortly after. We have had no issues at all.

I don’t think I could say enough good things about feeding my dogs raw. It has improved so much for both of them.

Well, I’m off to bed. I’m exhausted from my day. Today I set up daily meals for Duff and Clara so that my husband can feed them properly while I’m gone for a little while. Going on a little trip. I’m going to miss them all; my husband included. This will be the first time in about ten years that we’ve been together that we are apart. Makes me sad, but I’ll call him about a million times a day.

Well, off to bed. Peace out, girl scouts.