You have no idea how much better I feel after my last entry. Getting that shit off my chest was the best thing for me. I feel like the book is officially closed.

Okay, so we can move on to other things now!

I acquired two more dogs to add to my terrier crew. I officially have a Tower of Terriers! Four dogs in one bed is quite difficult, I have to admit. Frank and I need a bigger bed, and a second bed for the dogs! 

I’m very in love with Daisy and her daughter, Victoria. Two of the silliest dogs ever. They get along with Clara and Duff extremely well. Daisy is in love with Clara. I don’t know what she is going to do when Clara passes away. I know that is very morbid, but Clara is 10 years old. I wish she could live forever. I’m going to be a mess when she goes. I have to stop thinking about it.

My sugar gliders are doing well. Unfortunately, I haven’t been successful in selling my joeys. I don’t mind, but it is a little frustrating. 

Well, that’s about it for now. My head really hurts. Wishing everyone a good evening and a pleasant tomorrow!