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Since he retired my daddy has grown a beard. He looks awesome; just wish it was longer.

My dad has been a professional Santa Claus since he was 16 years old. He attended my school’s Christmas concerts, walked the halls of the schools handing out candy and bringing joy to us all. I have always been proud to have a father like him. He truly understands the meaning of selfless giving.

Tuesday, dressed up in his Santa hat, and a Santa suit t-shirt, he brought wonder and excitement to several kids as we were shopping at our local grocery store. One little guy (probably no older than 6 years old) in particular was the cutest thing I have ever seen.
This little guy ran up to him, yelling in excitement, “Are you Santa?!”
Dad crouched down to let him know that he was, and asked the little guy if he was being good. His mother was just so stunned, and in the moment. Her face was priceless. She thanked him several times. This kid was practically floating from excitement. I couldn’t stop giggling. 

He asked Santa if he could have a remote controlled race car, and his mom nodded to my dad “yes”. So, he made a promise that if this little guy was good, he just might get that car. They shook hands in a promise to be very good, and that kid floated the rest of the way through the store.

It’s this stuff that makes this time of the year beautiful and magical. Hope we get some more awesome stories, the closer we get to Christmas. If we do, I will definitely share!