I’m exhausted. Sick and should probably be in the ER. 

Regardless, I keep trying to help others in need especially where sugar gliders are concerned. Problem is, there are people who think that because they have an opinion, it’s their duty to make sure it is heard.

I’m trying to ask questions to assist my helping, and am being accused of being rude. Fine. But, how are you expected to help if you don’t ask something? There are no fix-all answers. Without knowing information you could potentially put someone’s gliders into harms way. 

Nope. Sorry. That’s wrong. I’m mean for wanting to know how to help. 

It’s days like this that I truly hate ignorance. Don’t call me an ass because I want to help. Try looking at yourself and your ignorance before you state its your right to be a dumbass and try to insult my help along the way.

I’m so done today. Don’t give a shit if anyone needs help. Figure it out yourself since nothing I am doing for you is appreciated.