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My brother loves Pokémon. He plays the game that was released for phones. I have never really been a fan, but I like doing things with him because he really appreciates feeling involved.

So, I have been playing the game with him. I drive to different locations near where we live, and spend about one to two hours walking, talking, and playing the game. Tonight was one of those nights that we went out and walked around for a couple hours.

We arrived at the park and started checking in. I immediately noticed an older gentleman standing about 20 feet from us. I could hear him playing a game, and found out he was actually playing the same game. His daughter was with him, but it was evident that the game was way more important than playing basketball with her. She begged him constantly to play, but he was way more invested in his game.

So, I knocked him out of his 1st place position at the gym. He knocks me right back out. This went on for an hour. He would just start to walk away to where his daughter was, I would beat him, and he would immediately turn around to come back to try and defeat me. 

He actually was so angry, that he yelled at his daughter to leave him alone, just so he could try to win back the gym. My brother was cracking up. 

There’s not much in this world that can top the satisfaction I felt from pissing off a complete stranger just from playing a stupid game. 

He wins the award for being a total jerk to his poor daughter, who just wanted to have fun with her dad. Way to go!