It’s sad. We spend so much time on the internet, that we lose ourselves. Human contact is scary, so we hide. We fight over petty, childish bullshit. I see it like everyone is playing King of the Hill, but no one can manage to get to the top, so we try to set up our victories without getting off the first level.

I had to do a large cleansing on Facebook. I’m disgusted with some of the people I was “friends” with. They spout off inconsistent “facts” about politics, abortions, and racist, indecent thoughts. Correct them and you’re immediately attacked. 

Sorry I have a neutral view on things, but don’t try to minimize my experiences just because you’re a fucking extremist. I’ve got no time for that psycho bullshit. My health, family, fur-kids, and friends are way more important than your hate, spewing at me because you’re too special to apply ANY facts to back up what you’re vomiting all over my Facebook posts.

Ignorance, hate, fear, and the internet make people dangerously popular. Hate attracts way too many people. Can’t think for themselves. Won’t let others share opinions with factual data.

Why even bother?