So much to share. None of it is really important, but fun.

A week ago I was admitted to a semi local cancer care centre to have a transfusion cocktail. It wasn’t too bad, but I was sick and sore for a few days after. Otherwise, everything went very well.

I’ve been actively seeking a new house somewhere more central to Phoenix. More for my husband’s work and pending promotion. Having a difficult time finding what I like. So, talked with my parents, and maybe building a new home would be more appropriate at this time. I’m riddled with anxiety, and lousy with pain all over my body. I’m bad at this house business. 

Sunday was pretty good. I dyed my mohawk with a mix of Pravana’s violet and orchid. Gives it a really nice hue in the sun. 

Here’s a before:

And this is after:

I love it!

That is pretty much it. Prepared the living room for when my brother gets home from knee surgery. 

Have an awesome day, everyone!