My brother, Patrick, is three years younger than me. He has mental disabilities, making his mentality to function, slower, and much like a 10 year old (instead of his age range of an in 30’s man). 

He is my buddy. Yes, we fight sometimes. Yes, he can be frustrating because he acts like a little kid (but who doesn’t from time to time); temper tantrums and all that jazz. However, he is generally a very sweet and very happy.

Patrick just had knee surgery on Tuesday (March 10th) morning. He had a cyst removed from behind his kneecap and some fixing of torn ligaments. This surgery has made him the hap-hap-happiest person on the entire planet. He can walk with less pain, even though he just had the surgery done. 

He is so excited about everything right now. Example: he plays Pokémon Go. As an added bonus, I play, too, but because I like having something to do while we walk around. After every time we go out, he tells me how much fun it was, how grateful he is that I spent time with him, and so on. He always tells my parents how much fun he’s having. One night, he even said how he loves doing the game and walking with me because he knows I will protect him.

How sweet is that? Heartbreaking, too. Throughout his life he has been attacked verbally and physically, because assholes think he’s an easy target. I, on the other hand, will cut a bitch. Don’t test me…

We are getting ready right now so we can go walk around and play the game!