I have to admit right off the bat that I’m extremely pissed off and hurt. I never thought someone I loved so much, who said she loved me just as much, and called me her soulmate, would ever stoop as low as I have found out.

I don’t understand her thinking. I don’t understand her, and her mother, making up hurtful lies. Maybe I’m not meant to understand this behaviour. It happened in the past, and I can’t change what was said about me. I’m just shocked that a woman in her 30’s (and her mother whose approximately late 60’s) would behave like they have. 

I’m trying my hardest to find forgiveness in my heart. I don’t want to carry anger and negativity. It is not healthy. I’m already going through so much in my life with my upcoming move. I can’t afford to let negativity win, crippling my mental and emotional state of mind. 

Even though I am still extremely angry, I am going to focus on better things; because this (anger about the lies) too shall pass. 

I walked 5.1 miles today. I went out, fever and sick as hell, to collect Geocaching locations and loot. After that, my brother asked me if I could take him out so he could play Pokémon Go. So, we walked around for a couple hours.

No lie, I think my legs are going to go on strike and refuse to do more exercise. I don’t mind! 

Seriously though, I’m very proud of myself for all the walking I accomplished. It feels good to exceed (my own) expectations. Yay for not giving up!

And since it was a general “good” day, I managed to ignore my previously mentioned emotions.

That is all for tonight. I’m very tired and have a feeling that I’m going to fall asleep in the next 30 +/- minutes. Goodnight. Hopefully you all have a fantastic tomorrow. 

Peace. Remember, it’s blissful.