Things weren’t going my way straight out the gates. Thankfully I had my alarm set for 6:45 AM, because Daddy forgot about having to drive me to my facet injections I was scheduled for. I raced to get dressed, put the dogs out, and so on. 

However, when I went to make coffee, the water reservoir was empty (thanks to the husband), and my pink camo travel mug was missing (because my cousin’s wife accidentally took it home with her lol). I’m already trying to not go Hulk, but let’s face it. I went Hulk. 

So, left without any coffee. My coping skills weren’t there. And I don’t have patience for ANYONE or ANYTHING because I have been in a great deal of pain and suffering from my back going out. No joke, for about 4 days I was the biggest piece of shit in existence. Bet that sounds like an award-winning statement.

However, I’m doing better. The morphine injection before the facet injections helped a lot. My injections didn’t hurt as bad, and I felt some relief. I’m a little more nicer than the way I started my morning. 

We hurried home because I am moving into our new house in Surprise. So, I’m loading up clothes, fabric, chairs, tables, and such. The house in Buckeye will have my parents and brother. Some of the smaller things can be left behind, to get picked up whenever I need.

I’m just exhausted from the packing last night, not sleeping, and the early morning back injections. I could fall asleep right now, but then tonight would be no sleep, all over again. 

And I am starving. In three days, I have eaten one baked potato. I’m ready to eat dogs, or neighborhood children, if I don’t get fed soon. Grrr….

Work is never done. Time to get more done.