The last several weeks have been, what I would consider, a really long clusterfucking in the ass.

I have come to realize that some friends that I have known for years, don’t really give a shit about me, believe I’m some gullible mother fucker, and that I don’t have the intelligence that surpasses their own.

Then, there’s the people who I know strictly from the internet, through common interests, who actually give a shit about me, respect my quirks, opinions, and intelligence. People who have never met me, love me, and treat me like a human being. 

It’s time to start cleaning up my life, starting with the removal of the people who have taken advantage of my kindness and generosity. Some of which I’ll never see again anyway.

A “friend” of mine, who actually has been in my life since I was about 12 years old, has been feeding me a plethora of lies and bullshit. I wouldn’t have minded it so much, but she put my life right in the middle of her lies, and insulted my intelligence. I know she’s lying through her teeth. I’m just going to walk away quietly and hope she doesn’t even realize I’m gone. I’m sick of the crap and I refuse to be involved any further.

I do have two really sweethearts of friends who I have met here in Arizona. One of the ladies I met through sugar gliders. She bought from me, I taught her things and watched her grow in the community. I became best of friends with her, and can’t imagine what life would be like if I ever lost her. Julia is an amazing woman, and we always have a blast when we are together. We talk on the phone almost every day, not including the texts and Snapchat we exchange all day.

Dee is a newer friend. She is into hockey, like me! Our husbands play inline hockey together, so that was how I got to know her. Her husband is really sweet, and they have a beautiful little daughter. 

I’m hoping that I can coordinate a lunch/dinner at my house so that they can meet. Lasagna, bad movies, and food comas. It will be a good time. 

As far as the friends I’ve made through the internet, they all have a special place in my heart. They have been supportive, kind, loving, and all-around some awesome people. They each have their own unique quirks and really make my life much more positive.

That is the name of the game, now. No more negative influences. No more allowing myself to be walked on, lied to, treated like shit, or made to feel like I am not worth anything. I’m better than the crap I have endured. No retaliation. Stay above it all.