Alright…. I know what [collective] you are thinking. Some bitch is going to be crazy obsessed with another actor. Well, yeah, but it is really more of an infatuation with the character Wade W. Wilson. If you don’t know who that is, I’m sorry for the aggressive beating you are about to receive. Across your face. With a brick. I’m kidding! 


I’ve always been a social outcast. Sarcasm and cynicism used to be the path I strolled. Now I have a more positive view of the cynical world. I try to insert sarcastic wit into everything. I also have the cunning ability to come up with some of the most hilariously awful (and generally exceptionally offensive) one-liners. 

#IamDeadpool  make it happen!

Reading comics has been tremendously amazing and rewarding. I continue to learn more about the characters in the Marvel universe (because the evolution of the characters change), and other comics by other companies. In doing so, I have also learned about myself.

When the announcement that Deadpool was going to be happening, all I could wonder is how was he going to be the character that he was [in the comic], especially when Disney (whom I love) had rights to the Marvel movies. I was very much relieved that another company was taking the reins.

I nearly died when I saw the movie. Even my husband was amused by how much Deadpool / Wade Wilson and I were alike. Actions and quips were practically all identical to the things that I say and do. It was almost too much. We laughed so hard, our stomachs were aching. 

I wish I could be in a Deadpool movie. I wouldn’t have to do or say much of anything. I just want to be there; in the middle of it all! I would love to showcase my silliness and fucking awesome mohawk. 

Can we say mutant / villain, anyone?!

However, reality is I don’t know anyone who could get me a chance to audition. I have no training in the ways of acting. As hilarious and awesome I feel that I am, the truth is that I am not. I’m just a defeated sack of crazy. 

What’s a girl to do? Aside from dreaming about how awesome it would be to be in a movie, I sit back and enjoy some quality time with my dogs. 

Oh… One more thing. Enjoy my hair!