I feel like hell. I don’t get enough sleep. I don’t have any energy to keep going, usually. 

I started a new medication. No lie, it fucking sucks. It’s an antidepressant that is replacing the ones I have been on. I did the tapering off the original meds, and then started the new one. What a fucking shit show.

I have been going through random episodes of mania. I get angry, mean, and abrasive. I don’t like it, and can’t seem to stop it. It scares me. The ups and downs are mentally exhausting. It’s embarrassing.

Thankfully, I will see my doctor next week. I’ll have to let him know everything that I am dealing with while on the new antidepressant. 

I just want to be normal. Well, a version of normal that is me. I spend so much time trying to find myself. I’m failing miserably.