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The past week has been tremendously difficult for me. I was having trouble sleeping. I had gone five days with no sleep. It was atrocious. I was a complete mess. Last night I did finally sleep. Approximately seven hours. I was excessively hyper. I felt like a hummingbird on the breeze.

So, I have a friend, who I don’t know in person. He’s a sweet guy. However, I have no real feelings for him other than platonic. 

He’s borrowed money from me, with promises to pay me back. I have not seen one cent. He has asked for money to “buy groceries”, but he goes to the bar, instead, and gets blind drunk. Kind of pisses me off.

The other issue is he keeps hitting on me. Even more so when he is inebriated. It honestly grosses me out. I don’t find him attractive in the least bit. He knows I’m married, yet he persists. I don’t know how else to tell him to just stop. It’s degrading and embarrassing.

Speaking of being hit on….

My husband was helping a coworker who has tons of old collectables, sell her stuff on eBay. She has been through a tough bout of health problems. Well, just a little over a week ago, she was texting my husband about her sales, asking for updates.

She then thought it was a good idea to proposition my husband for sex. She tried to get him to come to her house for “something special”. When he asked her what she meant, she told him that it was her. She was persistent, proclaiming her feelings for him.

He told her that he is married (to me), and that he would not be doing that to me. She kept begging for him to come over to her. He continued to tell her that he wasn’t interested, he was married, and there was no way anything of that nature was going to happen.

That infuriated her. So, she began to threaten him. She apparently knows who I am, and my sugar glider business; she was stalking me through Facebook. It’s a little unnerving to know that she’s been doing that.

Anyway, she threatened him. She said that she was going to destroy his life. She told him that she was going to contact me, and tell me that they are having an affair. My husband freaked out. To say he was infuriated is an understatement. He told her that she was no longer welcome to talk to him, and that he was no longer going to be helping her sell her shit. He boxed up her stuff and left it on her porch. I guess she thinks that she is going to just take my place in my family, and it’s all going to be gravy. Because no one is going to notice that my two tons of fun fat ass was replaced by a crazy person.

She said that she was going to make me disappear. Good luck!

Now, I’m not worried. I don’t think he would ever cheat on me. But, if this bitch wants to threaten him and me, she is going to be in a world of shit.

But, she’s stalking me. A few nights ago, someone was throwing rocks at my house. So, I grabbed my hunting knife and baseball bat. I went outside cautiously and quietly. She was snooping around. I startled her, causing her to scream. No lie, I nearly shit my pants.

I slipped in the gravel, and fell down, giving her the opportunity to escape. That bitch was in her car, and taking off so quickly, it was impressive! I jumped up, and ran after her. I didn’t catch her, but I ran like a mother fucker for a block. She was gone. I feel stupid because I didn’t get her plates information. But, I think she won’t be back. I’m a menacing little psycho.

I have not seen hide, not hair of her since. This incident sparked my insomnia. I was riddled with anxiety.

Today, I accidentally picked up my husband’s tablet. He has pictures of himself, flexing his biceps and another one, where he was just out of the shower. Towel wrapped extremely low, showing his entire torso. Like, why is he taking these pictures for? And who is he taking them for? Because, he never showed them to me. Hell, he doesn’t even pose for me, in that kind of scenario. I hate to say it, but I am suspicious. 

I have not said anything to him about the pictures. I don’t know what to say. I don’t even know that I want to know, to be honest. I’m so confused and concerned that something is going on. I don’t know what to do, or if I should just ignore it.

I hate life and I don’t see me getting any better.